The small team making a big difference

The small team making a big difference.

The idea for Setovilla emerged during the recent global pandemic. Our founder, Temi Ohuneniese, pondered the current health crisis and became concerned over the devastating effects that this would have for many children around the world. Armed with her excellent knowledge of food and drink flavours, she created kọ̀ our hibiscus infused beverage designed to pack a punch and raise some funds.

But she needed allies. A team of passionate superheroes who not only believed in Temi’s project, but the children which they would be helping too.

And, just like that, Setovilla was formed. We are a small team of volunteers based up and down the UK who are dedicated to supporting children living in education poverty. Meeting on Saturdays, researching in lunch breaks, designing after bedtime. We like to DREAM BIG so that tomorrow’s kids can DO BIG, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us on this journey!

Dreaming big, doing bigger.

Setovilla’s primary aim is outlined in goal four of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education for all. The global pandemic has had a lasting impact on education standards and, unfortunately, it is the world’s most vulnerable children who are affected. Our mission is to alleviate the stress of poverty and promote sustainable education for these children by providing educational resources when they are most needed. We hope to be able to not only equip children with the tools they need to grow, but to also remind them that success is possible, no matter your background, ethnicity, or religion.

Currently operating in the UK, we hope to expand our reach to other parts of the world, using our combined knowledge of five languages and three continents to identify partnerships and projects abroad.

Through the money raised from kọ̀ drinks and various fundraising initiatives, we are certain that Setovilla will play a crucial role in inspiring a generation of children to dream big and succeed. This is a passion that we all share, and it is what unites us as a team.

A passionate product for a passionate project

kọ̀ drinks reflect the fun, colourful and dynamic relationships found amongst the Setovilla team. Whilst it is refreshing and exotic to drink, its primary purpose is to fund our mission and improve education standards around the world.

But improved education is not our only mission! Setovilla are also committed to a better environment, and nothing demonstrates this more than the consideration that has been put into our kọ̀ drinks. Referring to United Nation’s Sustainable Development goal number 13, kọ̀ products are created, packaged, and sent using sustainable, recyclable and ethically sourced products and materials.

We believe in setting an example for future generations so that they can flourish in a world that is healthier and greener. So, all our hibiscus leaves are sourced directly from approved farmers in Nigeria and kọ̀ is bottled locally in Scotland using only recyclable materials. We have also partnered with to offset any of our carbon emissions by planting trees for our business and our customers.

And that’s us, in a nutshell! A super passionate, environmentally conscious team just trying to make things a little easier for all the kids out there. We know how hard it can be in this world, so we encourage you to show your support and help us to help others.

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