Introducing Seto Academy

At Setovilla, we recognise that the world is changing. The pace and scale of this change is rapid and vast. Our idea of work and skills will be fundamentally different in the coming years so it is vital that young people must not be left behind. The pandemic exacerbated economic disparities and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis is stifling society because the cost of everyday essentials is increasing much faster than household incomes. Seto Academy is a section in our playground for success. In the academy, young people are empowered to shape what success truly means to them. No matter their abilities or economic backgrounds, Seto Academy takes young people #BackToTheBasics as they navigate their journey into the world of work.

Seto Academy exists to address some challenges that encourage youth employment:

  • Lack of accurate and engaging careers information
    • #BackToTheBasics How To guides focused on tips for job searching, writing CVs, cover letters and personal statements.
  • Expectations and Credentialism
    • Delivering Physical and Virtual workshops focused on Confidence Building, Financial Literacy, Skills for the Future and Interview Preparation.
  • Welfare
    • Providing Setobags (valued at £50) which are put together with each individual’s need in mind and helps to prepare for employment.

To access our #BackToTheBasics guides, visit our shop 

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