Our Team

Temitope Ohuneniese 

(Founder & Director of Operations) 

Temi is a Nigerian-British foodie content creator. She loves food and Setovilla is her expression of using food to find a way to better the lives of children. She heads up Setovilla's operations, working to ensure that we reach out to the disadvantaged communities in need. 

Ecaterina Svitic 

(Social Media and Marketing guru)

Catea is a Marketing Management student who is passionate about drawing as a form of creativity. She came to the UK as a student from Moldova and values the importance of kindness in helping to build success. She is in charge of our social media and marketing strategy. She is excited about using her skills and knowledge to contribute to creating a better, more sustainable world for children.

Holly Latham 

(Head of Communications)

Holly leads communication here at Setovilla. With a degree in International Relations and a background in Linguistics, she wants to use her skills to raise awareness of our organisation around the world. She is passionate about women's and children's rights. She believes that social equality is key in securing the futures of children and women everywhere. 


With special* thanks to: 
Adebola Ohuneniese 
Stephen Jnr Ohuneniese 
Talent Mhlanga
Bayo Afolabi 
Dr. Tunde Akodu 
Habib Ayoade
The Start-Up Drinks Lab 
Omena Takpi 
Anthonia Adeyeye 
*The word 'special' does not quantify our enormous gratitude for your support!