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Note from the Editor

2022 is set to be a very exciting year for Setovilla as we expand our network and outreach as well as promote our organisation to become a recognised and respected actor of change for children and young people across the UK.

Our dedicated team have stepped up this year, spearheading on individual projects that are due to take place up and down the UK. We are immensely proud of the wheels that they have already put in motion and incredibly grateful for the support that has been shown by Setovilla’s partners.

We currently still rely heavily of donations from supporters and proceeds made through the sale of ọkọ to fund our activities at Setovilla. This year however, in a bid to focus more of our energies on helping others, we have decided to relax the sale of ọkọ and will be applying for regular funding from the likes of The National Lottery and Starling Bank.

We look forward to continuing this journey and cannot wait to share the exciting events that we have planned for the coming year.

Continuing out work within the community:

Setovilla is still dedicated to doubling the number of Setobags that are donated to children living in educational poverty across the UK. This year, we intend to donate a total of 50 bags to children and young people. These bags will contain items that are relevant to the recipients’ specific needs, the contents of which will be determined once the recipient has been identified and Setovilla has been in touch with them or their guardians.

As well as this, we will be offering practical assistance to young people in the UK by working closely with other organisations to deliver CV clinics, job seekers assistance, UCAS advice and entrepreneurial mentorships. This drive has come from our recognition that many young people from disadvantaged background lack the resources they need to succeed in their ambitions and goals. We will therefore be hosting regular events throughout the year to offer support and advice where needed.


  • Expanding the team

After an amazing first year we have decided to expand our volunteer team to meet the demands of our ever-growing work load. We are pleased to announce that we have recently secured a new communications assistant who will be helping us build a greater communication and marketing strategy.

Natasha Hashem has an English degree and a background in education and careers advice. She will be joining the team from March to support our communications team and spearhead our careers advice programme. Welcome Natasha!

We are also on the hunt for an in-house graphic designer who can bring some creativity to our campaigns and assist with our company wide rebrand that will be taking place this year.

  • Welcoming our new directors

Setovilla has decided to appoint two non-executive directors and are happy to announce that communications manager Holly Latham will be taking up this role. As well as maintaining her normal role, Holly will assist in driving our strategy and evaluating the performance of our various initiatives. There is still an open vacancy for the second non-executive director. As a director, you will provide an independent view on the running of our business, governance and boardroom best practice, to help take us to the next level.

  • Starting afresh

As part of our annual projects, Setovilla is undergoing a small rebrand which will better represent what we do and who we are. We have been listening to our loyal customers and supporters who have guided us through the first year of business and decided to work on a rebrand that says more about our social impact and mission statement.

To begin, you will notice that our website has been tailored to better reflect our work as a children’s CIC. This will soon be followed by our social media sites and a rebranding of ọkọ.

  • What we do best

Following on from our incredibly successful Christmas Book donation campaign, we have decided to do an Easter book donation too! So far we have collected around 500 children’s books which will be distributed to social enterprises and children’s charities in the Glasgow region.

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