• Sharon’s rose: an ancient gem with a new hype

    But, here at Setovilla, Hibiscus is more than just an ingredient, it’s a loving memory and reminder of my childhood. Growing up in Nigeria, I would spend my lunch money on hawkers who stood outside of the school gates selling homemade Hibiscus infusions in wheelbarrows. Creating their own, unique recipes at home, they would sell them proudly to my friends and I in used plastic bottles. For the hawkers, selling their concoctions in pre-used plastic bottles must have been an economical choice, however, now I consider them to be innovative recycling champions. For us kids, we were not bothered by fancy brands or pretty aesthetics, we were just excited to enjoy each refreshing mouthful in the cool shade after a busy day at school.
  • Strawberry Salad

    We promised that we would share different ways to enjoy ọkọ̀! 🌺So here we are, a quick and summer-perfect recipe for Strawberry Salad! It’s a nutri...