Our Vision

Hello! We’re Setovilla, a social enterprise company on a mission to help children succeed! We sell great food and drink products with the aim to improve education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as promote learning and encourage play. We hope to give children the keys to success, whilst making learning fun in the meantime! 

Setovilla does not exist to replace traditional forms of education. We exist to support children as they start to think about what success truly means to them. We are here to encourage success among children from low socio-economic communities through innovation and creativity.

Ultimately, the vision is to remind each child that education is not a privilege, but a fundamental right which every child should be able to enjoy. We believe that every child has the right to succeed through education, no matter of their academic abilities or economic backgrounds.

A wise one once said: when I grow up and become rich "I will make a playground in my house and call it Setovilla"

…and that’s exactly what we’re here to do! So, welcome to Setovilla, our playground for success.

Our Mission

UN sustainable goals

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals highlight that in 2030, over 200 million children will still lack access to education. The growing economic disparity around the world has widened the gap between children from poor households completing education compared to children from wealthier households.
We exist to make education more attainable for disadvantaged children by giving them the basic tools to excel. As a brand, we support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and are committed to:
Quality Education (Goal 4) – creating inclusive and equitable quality education accessible for all.
Reduced Inequalities (Goal 10) – reducing inequalities, especially amongst children and vulnerable young adults.
Climate Action (Goal 13) – taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts by building a more sustainable world. 

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